walk off with something

also: to walk away with something

A.) jelentés / meaning: 

elsétál valamivel, lelép valamivel, ellop valamit
to take or steal something especially in relaxed or confident way

példák / examples:
  • Who walked off with my drink?
  • Thieves walked off with two million dollars' worth of jewellery.
  • This is someone else's umbrella! Someone must've walked off with mine.
  • You just can't walk off with his jacket!

jelentés / meaning: 

kisétál a nyereménnyel / könnyen megnyer, elnyer, 
win something easily 

példák / examples:

  • Maybe she'll walk off with the first prize. 
  • To walk off with the biggest ever prize in poker you'll need a......
  • She walked off with the top prize.