take something at face value

jelentés / mean other meaning:
készpénznek vesz valamit (vagy valakit),
 elhisz valamit kételkedés nélkül

If you take something at face value, you accept it and believe it without thinking about it very much, even though it might be untrue.

'face value' másik jelentése:
 The face value of things such as coins, paper money, investment documents, or tickets is the amount of money that they are worth, and that is written on them = névérték

 'Don't take everything at face value...'

példák / examples:
  • I don't know whether I can take her story at face value, but I will assume that she is not lying.
  • The committee took the report at face value and approved the suggested changes. 
  • Public statements from the various groups involved should not necessarily be taken at face value. 
  • Do you have difficulty with accepting a person's word at face value? Your mistrust just might be missing you a great chance to take up an opportunity or develop a closer relationship with somebody. (more) 

approve=elfogad,jóváhagy, helyesel