she/he/ it.... is out of my league

jelentés / meaning: 
Nem az én súlycsoportom- (mert jobb nálam)
league= liga   [ liːg ]

If someone or something is out of your league, you aren't good enough or rich enough, etc, for it or them.

példák / examples:
  • She's out of my league. (You think she is too pretty/popular/cool for you, and that she would never date you.)
  • He was so good-looking and so popular that I felt he was out of my league.
  • I think an expensive car is a little out of your league right now, don't you?
  • She's way out of my league. (way out of my league= "messze (nagyon) kívül van a súlycsoportomon" )

így is:
  • This house isn't in the same league with our old one.  ( not nearly as good as something or someone else)