out of the way (village or other place)

jelentés / meaning: 
messzi, eldugott,  isten háta mögötti ( falu vagy egyéb hely) 
not near any cities or large towns, being in a remote or secluded location

'Another out of the way place I found during my motorbike wanderings is the tiny village of Cortes de Pallás.' (more)

 példák / examples:
  • We're going to stay in an out of the way village.
  • We decided to vacation in a quiet place in Maine that is really out of the way.
  • London is filled with small musuems in out of way places. (more)
  • We went to some out of the way places during out trip.
  • Wae Rebo is a small, very out of the way village located some 1,100 meters above sea level, where the air is cool and the village completely surrounded by panoramic mountains and the dense Todo forest. (more)

remote= távoli
secluded= elhagyatott