(be) prone to

jelentés / meaning:
hajlamos valamire (negatív dologra), kitett valaminek,

to be likely to be affected by something bad or harmful 

'Prone to attention seeking behaviour' (more)
példák / examples:
  • Some plants are prone to this particular disease.  
  • My boss is prone to anger when my work isn't done on schedule.
  • He was prone to emotional outbursts under stress.
  • Even though the problem is now mainly under control, I'm still prone to severe headaches if I spend too long in front of a screen.
  • Even soldiers are falling prone to our society's growing hypochondria.

to be affected by= érintett valamiben
emotional outburst = érezelmi kitörés
on schedule= határidőre/ időbesztás szerint 
severe headache= komoly fejfájás
screen= monitor 
behaviour=behavior (American spelling)= viselkedés
seek= keres