pick somebody's brain

jelentés / meaning: 
kikérdez valakit (aki sokat tud az adott témában)

to ask for information or advice from someone who knows more about a subject than you do 

                                    Advise & Consent -1962 (IMDB)

példák / examples:
  • I'd love to pick your brains about computers - you seem to be the expert around here.
  • Would you mind having a look at our website? I'd love to pick your brains and get some new ideas for it.
  • Wow, Bob knows a lot about our order entry systems. One of these days I will have to sit down with him and pick his brain. 
  • Jenkins hopes to sit down with him for dinner soon to pick his brain. 
  • After I spent a couple of hours picking his brain, his scheme started to make sense.