jelentés / meaning:
leszámítva valamit /ellenére, dacára valaminek/ mindamellett / jóllehet, habár 

-in spite of, despite
-never the less, nonetheless, however, though
példák / examples:
  • It was a beautiful day yesterday notwithstanding the rain.
  • It was a beautiful day, the rain notwithstanding.
  • We had a really good meal yesterday in this restaurant, the soup notwithstanding.
  • Notwithstanding the soup, the meal was good.
  • It is a beautiful house notwithstanding the motorway next to it.
  • He despised Pitt, notwithstanding the similar views they both held.
  • He doesn't want me there, but I'm going, notwithstanding.
  • Notwithstanding the bad weather, the ship arrived on time.
  • Injuries notwithstanding, he won the semi-final match.
  • Notwithstanding some members' objections, I think we must go ahead with the plan.