by leaps and bounds

vagy: in leaps and bounds
jelentés / meaning: 
rohamosan, ugrásszerűen (növekszik, fejlődik valami)

with great or rapid progress, by large movements forward

példák / examples:
  • My teacher says my English has improved by leaps and bounds since I started using idioms.
  • The bush we cut back last fall is growing by leaps and bounds. 
  •  The profits of my company are increasing by leaps and bounds.
  • School enrolment is increasing by leaps and bounds 
  • After staying in China for a year, Mia’s ability to speak Mandarin grew by leaps and bounds. She came back speaking like a native.
bush= bokor
enrolment= beiratkozás, beiratkozottak
leap= ugrás, ugrásszerű  haladás