last straw

jelentése: utolsó csepp a pohárban , ( szó szerinti fordításban: utolsó szalmaszál )

  • Claire had a bad day in school yesterday. She lost her favourite book, then she fell down, and when she realized she had broken her glasses, that was the last straw and she began to cry.
  • For me, this was the last straw.
  • The last straw came when an old man stared at me and I could see in his eyes he was undressing me.

eredeti formája: 'the last straw which breaks the camel's back'  Így is használják ma is! Az utolsó szalmaszál, ami eltöri a teve hátát.

A 'straw' szívószálat is jelent, a képen a last straw which breaks the camel's back is a 'szívószál'.