bite somebody's head off

jelentés / meaning:
Leharapja valaki fejét, mérgesen reagál, mérgesen beszél valakivel , túlreagál valamit

to speak sharply and with great anger to someone. / overreact to something that someone has done or done
példák / examples:
  • Don't bite my head off! Be patient.
  • I'm very sorry I lost my temper. I didn't mean to bite your head off.
  • I only asked if I could borrow your bike. There's no need to bite my head off!   
  • You don’t have to bite my head off !
  • Ask her to step down from the board? She'd bite my head off!
  • Try not to bite his head off. 
  • I can't tell him he is not good at doing his job, he'd bite my head off!
I lost my temper= elvesztettem az önuralmam
patient ( ~pésönt)= türelmes
step down from the board~ lemond a bizottsági pozíciójáról