under his/her belt

jelentés / meaning:
  • valami a tarsolyában van (képesség), 
  • valamivel ( tapasztalattal )  a háta mögött
  • valami a "bendőjében" van
to have something under his/her belt: have something achieved, counted or scored.
to get something under your belt: to learn, to master something
to have something under his/her belt: have sg. eaten or drunk and in one's stomach.

 példák / examples:
  • Frank has over four hundred wins under his belt.
  • Finally, she got good painting techniques under her belt.  
  • When I get the right procedures under my belt, I will be more efficient. 
  • She was a capable individual, with fourteen years as managing director under her belt. 
  • He has several major drama awards under his belt.
forrás, source : free dictionary