by hook or by crook

jelentés / meaning:

by whatever means necessary
to obtain an objective by any means necessary

mean= eszköz
hook=kampó, horog
crook=kampó, pásztorbot 

 példák / examples:
Worker 1: "I heard that you won a free vacation."
Worker 2: "I did! How awesome is that? The only problem is that I need to get time off work to be able to take the vacation."
Worker 1: "That could be difficult. You know how strict the boss is."
Worker 2: " I'll get the time off work by hook or by crook."
Worker 1: "What do you mean"?
Worker 2: "I'll beg the boss. I'll pay someone to cover my work. Maybe I can take a leave of absence. I'll quit my job if I have to."
Worker 1: Wow! That's pretty extreme. Good Luck!"
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