white as a sheet

jelentése/ meaning:
fehér mint a fal (ijedtségtől)
extremely pale because frightened or sick

  •  You are white as a sheet!
  • Any time I encounter more than two fifth graders in a group I turn white as a sheet. I'm afraid they'll jump on me and beat me.
  •  When he blurted out the bad news, Jeff turned white as a sheet and I burst into tears. (more)
  • My wife tells me I went white as a sheet when William called to tell me the news.
  • f any one of these people ever really encountered a real demon they would turn white as a sheet and their hair would turn white.

segítség a fordításhoz:

encounter= összefut, összetalálkozik
fifth grader= ötödikes 
blurt out= kibök,kifecseg