to be caught on the hop

jelentés / meaning:
váratlanul érint valami, felkészületlenül ér valami

to be in an unprepared situation
if you catch someone on the hop, you do something when they are not ready for it and may not be able to deal with it well 

 "That kiss really caught me on the hop."
forrás/ source: link
 példák / examples:
  • I'm afraid you've caught me on the hop - I wasn't expecting your call until this afternoon. 
  • I'm afraid you've caught me on the hop - I wasn't expecting you till next week.
  • If we attack at the very start of the game, we may just catch their defenders on the hop.
  • My daughter caught me on the hop yesterday. 
  • The new ruling caught me on the hop. 
  •  Make sure everything is ready well in advance otherwise you will be caught on the hop.

  • A : Debbie had a baby a week after marrying Derek Dim. Derek didn't even know his wife was pregnant.
  • B : Yes, the baby caught him on the hop -- he thought Debbie was just very fat.

make headway

jelentés / meaning: 
előrehalad valamivel (szó szerint és átvitt értelemben is), halad valamivel, boldogul valamivel

make headway =to achieve progress
headway=progress , especially in difficult circumstances 

"This soldier struggles to make headway against a gale."

példák / examples:
  • We are making little headway with the negotiations.
  • We hope scientists are able to continue to make headway against cancer.
  • We haven't made any headway with this project
  • With Freda's help, we made headway.  
  • The boat made slow headway against the tide.
  • We just couldn't make any significant headway despite having the benefit of a stiff breeze behind our backs.

hot on your heels

másik forma / an other form: close on your heels
jelentés / meaning:

a sarkadban van, a nyomodban van

 following directly behind someone 
példák / examples:
  • She headed inside the house with her brother hot on her heels.
  • She left the restaurant with him hot on her heels. 

(to be) on a par with somebody or something

[UK: pɑr], [USA: pɔ'r]
par= egyenlőség, egyenrangúság 

 jelentés / meaning:
egyenlő szinten

at the same level as someone or something 

"Dementia should be made a top health priority on a par with cancer and lung disease."
 példák / examples:

  • This violinist may be an amateur but he's on a par with professional orchestral players.
  • Graduate unemployment rates were almost on a par with those for people leaving school with just GCSEs. 
  • The belief that girls are not on a par with boys when it comes to mathematical skills because of biological differences is actually a myth.
  • His ability is on a par with his ambition.

to be in keeping with

jelentés / meaning:
 összehangban van valamivel, harmóniában van valamivel, valaminek megfelelően

to be in harmony, conforming to, in agreement with, because of something
 példák / examples:
  • His actions are not in keeping with his words.
  • This is in keeping with the government's commitment to pursue conversation policies.
  • There will be no flowers at the funeral, in keeping with the family's wishes.
  • The new wing is in keeping with the house's original architecture.

with bated breath

gyakran használt, de helytelen formája: baited breath

jelentés / meaning:

visszatartott lélegzettel (vár valamit)

 if you wait for something with bated breath, you feel very excited or anxious while you are waiting

példák / examples:
  • They listened with bated breath for the announcement about the winner.
  • We stood there with bated  breath while the man hung on the side of the bridge.
  • We were waiting with bated breath for the prizes to be announced.
  • She waited with bated breath for their host to emerge from the shadows.
emerge= felbukkan, megjelenik,

walk off with something

also: to walk away with something

A.) jelentés / meaning: 

elsétál valamivel, lelép valamivel, ellop valamit
to take or steal something especially in relaxed or confident way

példák / examples:
  • Who walked off with my drink?
  • Thieves walked off with two million dollars' worth of jewellery.
  • This is someone else's umbrella! Someone must've walked off with mine.
  • You just can't walk off with his jacket!

jelentés / meaning: 

kisétál a nyereménnyel / könnyen megnyer, elnyer, 
win something easily 

példák / examples:

  • Maybe she'll walk off with the first prize. 
  • To walk off with the biggest ever prize in poker you'll need a......
  • She walked off with the top prize.

Your fly is open!

jelentés / meaning: 
lent van a slicced / ki van gombolva a slicced 

to have the zip or row of buttons at the front of your trousers open

példák / examples:
  • I was so embarrassed when I realised I had my fly open all afternoon. 
  • I think you need to know your fly is open.
  • That awkward moment when you notice your fly is open, and have to go back and think through every social encounter you've had since the last time you went to the bathroom.... 
  • Here's how to tell someone that their fly is open : link

put a positive spin on something

jelentés / meaning: 
kedvező színben tűntet fel valamit, 
a jó oldalát domborítja,emeli ki valaminek
jó oldalát nézi valaminek

(vagy a rossz oldalát, ha positive spin helyett negative spin-t használunk)
to twist a report or story to one's advantage; to interpret an event to make it seem favourable or beneficial to oneself or one's cause.

 a positive spin on failure

példák / examples:
  • The mayor tried to put a positive spin on the damaging polls.
  • I am an expert at putting a positive spin on the events of my life.
  • It is very important that you will put a positive spin on everything when dealing with customers. 
  • I was always irritated by those who try to put a positive spin on everything. That's what keeps people stuck in unhappy relationships, unfulfilling jobs, etc. MORE
  • This chef has put a new spin on seafood dishes . (új színben tűnteti fel, új oldalát mutatja)
  • The pundit's spin on the new legislation was highly critical. (~kritikus hangon értékelte, interpretálta )
pundit=hindu tudós

Innen jön a spin doctor kifejezés is.

spin doctor= valaki, aki média törvényszerűségeit ismerve egy népszerűtlen politikus vagy ügy közmegítélésén próbál javítani.
 A person who publicizes favorable interpretations of the words and actions of a public figure, especially an unpopular politican.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

jelentés / meaning:
Minden rosszban van valami jó.
( szó szerint="minden felhőnek ezüst kontúrja van")

something that you say which means that there is something good even in an unpleasant situation,
you can derive some benefit from every bad thing that happens to you

példák / examples:

  • Don't be unhappy that your boyfriend broke up with you, every cloud has a silver lining.

spill the beans

jelentés / meaning: 
elárul, felfed egy titkot ( véletlenül vagy rossz szándékkal )

disclose a secret, especially to do so unintentionally or maliciously,
tell people secret information 

példák / examples:
  • It was then that she threatened to spill the beans about her affair with the president.
  • It seemed a fine opportunity to spill the beans.
  • They had planned it as a surprise party, but somebody spilled the beans.
  • Mom already knows about your speeding ticket, I spilled the beans to her this morning.
  • Pete is always spilling the beans about everyone, in fact yesterday he told me a secret about his cousin!

take something at face value

jelentés / mean other meaning:
készpénznek vesz valamit (vagy valakit),
 elhisz valamit kételkedés nélkül

If you take something at face value, you accept it and believe it without thinking about it very much, even though it might be untrue.

'face value' másik jelentése:
 The face value of things such as coins, paper money, investment documents, or tickets is the amount of money that they are worth, and that is written on them = névérték

 'Don't take everything at face value...'

példák / examples:
  • I don't know whether I can take her story at face value, but I will assume that she is not lying.
  • The committee took the report at face value and approved the suggested changes. 
  • Public statements from the various groups involved should not necessarily be taken at face value. 
  • Do you have difficulty with accepting a person's word at face value? Your mistrust just might be missing you a great chance to take up an opportunity or develop a closer relationship with somebody. (more) 

approve=elfogad,jóváhagy, helyesel